Air pollution conclusion

General Comment on Level of Danger: Pesticides can irritate the eyes, nose, and throat, and they are detrimental to the central nervous system and the kidneys. Intentional air pollution is introduced with the use of air freshenersincenseand other scented items.

Depending on the level of exposure in different parts of the world, the risk was found to be similar to that of breathing in second-hand tobacco smoke, Kurt Straif, head of the agency's section that ranks carcinogens, told reporters in Geneva.

Lack of data on true exposure for emissions in consumer products has hampered evaluation of the associations with possible health effects most of which are also caused by other factors. Motor vehicles driven by fossil fuels, a key factor in urban air pollution, can be replaced by electric vehicles.

Common sources of formaldehyde in the home include glues, environmental tobacco smoke, and textiles such as durable press drapes. Controlled or prescribed burning is a technique sometimes used in forest management, farming, prairie restoration or greenhouse gas abatement.

Sources of CO2 pollution must be eradicated.

Air Pollution And Risk of Death: Not As Bad As You Think?

Significant deficits were observed in the performance scores achieved in increasing concentrations of either volatile organic compounds VOCs or carbon dioxidewhile keeping other factors constant. Also, you should install CO detectors in your house or apartment; they are cheap and easy to find and should be a standard accessory in every home.

Biological Sources Image Author: This is the largest attributable risk ever reported for the known risk factors of low birth weight.

Essay on Air Pollution: Causes, Effects and Control of Air Pollution

EPA, "Newspaper files and police records contain reports of incidents that point to noise as a trigger of extreme behavior Bright lights strain the eyes and also give headaches and migraines.

As a consequence the SCHER recommends that all relevant sources that are known to contribute should be evaluated. In high enough concentrations, formaldehyde can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, coughing, rashes, and fatigue.

Some air purifiers can remove a small amount gases but sources of formaldehyde pollution must be removed. According to the U. However, we do have a few comments for the sake of completeness. Organic Gases "Organic gases," or "volatile organic compounds" VOCsis something of a catch-all term for gases that are emitted from many different sources.

Pollutants from biological sources can wreak havoc on your body, including irritation of the eyes, throat, nose, and lungs, breathing problems including asthmafevers, and many different diseases. Remember also to ensure good ventilation, so that the sources you can't completely eliminate will not stay trapped inside.

Carbon dioxide CO2 — Because of its role as a greenhouse gas it has been described as "the leading pollutant" [5] and "the worst climate pollution". One Professional's Opinionboth of whom are professionals in the landscaping industry.

Simon Eugster Formaldehyde, or CH2O, is an organic compound that exists as a gas at room temperature. CO attacks, among other things, your bloodstream and central nervous system. Particulates are related to respiratory infections and can be particularly harmful to those already suffering from conditions like asthma.

It is normally encountered as a gas with a characteristic pungent odor. Diabetes can be treated, but complications can lead to kidney failure, heart disease, and stroke. Titanium dioxide has been researched for its ability to reduce air pollution.

Times reported March 27, that when noise disrupts sleep, it produces stress hormones that accelerate aging and heart disease. After he died, 24 live rodents were collected from his home and workplaces, and 12 were found to have hantavirus antibodies.

Essay on Air pollution: Introduction, Causes, Sources, Impact and Control Measures

Of course, all these effects, which can be predicted for bystanders to frequent leaf blower use would also occur for the operators: Included with Echo's warning literature accompanying their gas-powered blowers is this message: Because noise can impair immunitly as discussed above, it seems especially imprudent to stir up dust with a noisy instrument.

As clear explanations are not always stressed in non-technical literature, care should be taken to distinguish between several forms of relevant diseases. Times reported on January 8, that a Van Nuys auto mechanic named Gody Sanchez demonstrated his own invention, a whisper-quiet leaf blower, during the hunger strike conducted by the Association of Latin American Gardeners of Los Angeles outside the L.

IntroductionAlthough a number of physical activities (volcanoes, fire, etc.) may release different pollutants in the environment, anthropogenic activities are the major cause of environmental air pollution.

While we can debate all day about specific levels or exact factors actually harming our health, we seem to know on a general level that air pollution just isn’t a good thing to have around. Science is constantly evolving, and we are learning more every day about the hazards of pollution and the.

Air pollution is the presence of harmful foreign substances (pollutants) in the atmosphere, emitted by both natural and anthropogenic (human activity) sources. Air pollution is the contamination or presence of unwanted substances in the air making it harmful and detrimental for human and animal health.

Indoor Air Quality

Air Pollution and its Control Measures The other choice for an electric utility can be the use of natural gas as a fuel. Fuel switching based on meteorological conditions or air pollution forecasts.

Air pollution occurs when harmful or excessive quantities of substances including gases, particulates, and biological molecules are introduced into Earth's atmosphere.

It may cause diseases, but the data was insufficient to provide solid conclusions. Environmental problems of Northern Eurasia (Russia and former USSR states): Radioactive Contamination, Environmental Impact of Oil and Gas Development, Air Pollution, problems of The Aral Sea, Deforestation and Degradation of Forests, Nature Protection and Conservation in Russia.

Air pollution conclusion
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Air Pollution: Conclusions