Research questions about the bermuda triangle

Ships and planes behave in the Triangle the same way they behave everywhere else in the world. The Cargo ship was scheduled to reach Baltimore on March 13,but it never did. The Bermuda Triangle has a large amount of history. In another case Kusche showed that an author described a ship getting lost in calm sea while the meteorological report showed a strong cyclone was passing by.

I saw on TV an hour long show in which they went out to retrieve an Avenger from the bottom of the Atlantic. It is made of flint hard micrite, not granite. Inthe Sea Venture disappeared of the coast of Bermuda. This should happen even in impact over the ocean before any ELT would sink with the plane.

How many thousands more exist.

What kind of questions could I ask in researching the Bermuda triangle?

In reality, the documents on this vessel take up 3 boxes at the National Archives about 1, pages. Their records are publicly accessible. There would be no reason that the Cyclops would even be near there.

Research paper on the Bermuda Triangle?

Another site mentions that the Sylvia L. Thousands of people in thousands of ships and planes travel out in the Triangle. While some have theorized that unusual local magnetic anomalies may exist in the area, [26] such anomalies have not been found.

It is just that we do not change an article before our masculine and feminine nouns. Because a plane or ship not returning or reaching its destination is clearly recorded with official agencies concerned including US Navy, US Coast Guard etc. People always seem to blame or credit Charles Berlitz with creating the Bermuda Triangle sensationalism.

No plane disappeared on June 11, They form an intriguing backdrop to the reality of mysteriously missing planes and ships.

A Cessna dropped from radar in the Bahamas because its engine suddenly gave out. An especially infamous tragedy occurred in March when the USS Cyclops, a foot-long Navy cargo ship with over men and 10, tons of manganese ore onboard, sank somewhere between Barbados and the Chesapeake Bay.

Most of his research was based on referring newspapers of the times that reported the incidents, checking out the meteorological weather reports of the days the incidents took place.

It is known that over shipwrecks lie on the seafloor surrounding Bermuda that includes prominent ones like The Constellation, The Cristobal Colon, The Mary Celestia, Montana, Xingda and lot more, many of which have now become popular scuba diving sites.

Let's explore this, because this can throw some lights on whether we are believing something imaginary or real when it comes to speculation People propose that aliens abduct everyone in the Triangle.

A journalist named Larry Kusche asked exactly that question, and came to a surprising answer: there is no mystery about strange disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle.

Bermuda triangle questions?

The Bermuda Triangle is a mythical section of the Atlantic Ocean roughly bounded by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico where dozens of ships and airplanes have disappeared.

Unexplained circumstances. May 19,  · Best Answer: The Bermuda Triangle has a large amount of history. Though it was first spotted by the famous Christopher Columbus on his world tour, it first got it's name in August of by Vincent Gaddis. On December 5th,5 torpedo bombers with fourteen men aboard, took off at roughly 2pm.

Suddenly Status: Resolved. Common Questions. Q. Where is the Triangle located? A. It is in the North Atlantic Ocean, off the southeast coast of the United States, covering the Bahama Islands, Puerto Rico, southern Florida, and the island of Bermuda. Get an answer for 'What kind of questions could I ask in researching the Bermuda triangle?' and find homework help for other History questions at eNotes.

Triangle. Another question to research. Bermuda Triangle The Bermuda triangle is a mythical geographic area. It is believed to extend from the tip of Florida to Bermuda and to Puerto Rico. Over planes and ships have disappeared in the last century. There are many theories about what might cause the disappearances of .

Research questions about the bermuda triangle
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