The scots guards on tumbledown mountain

Battle for Mount Tumbledown

I remember our Operations Officer requested the artillery to assist at During the night we followed the Scots Guards and then our CO told us to stop. Early moves[ edit ] On the morning of 13 June, the Scots Guards were moved by helicopter from their position at Bluff Cove to an assembly area near Goat Ridgewest of Mount Tumbledown.

Battle of Mount Tumbledown

About five days before 14 June the 5th platoon of the Nacar Company was created under Lieutenant Mino command. According to Dhanbahadur Rai, a Gurkha: Reaching its objective undetected, the company found the western end of the mountain undefended and occupied it easily, but later came under heavy shellfire that wounded Major Dalzel-Job in the head.

They came on us fast, and we fell back When he came to, the rest of the British soldiers had gone.

Battle of Mount Tumbledown

He played a quick march he had composed "on the back of a fag packet " [cigarette pack], [42] during the battle, following a long tradition in which Pipe Majors were encouraged "to write tunes to commemorate any actions in which their regiments have been engaged".

The Scots Guards were to attack Tumbledown, with the Gurkhas following behind. After dropping the first bomb, Akhurst was informed that the Argentines were retreating and in order to avoid a possible friendly fire incident with the supporting Welsh Guards, he directed the Harrier pilot to drop his remaining bomb out at sea.

This went on for a long time, and we suffered heavy casualties We ran forward in extended line, machine-gunners and riflemen firing from the hip to keep the enemy heads down, enabling us to cover the open ground in the shortest possible time.

Lieutenant Robert Lawrence led 3 Platoon around to the right of the Argentinian platoon, hoping to take the Argentinians by surprise.

I left six men in a line with one machinegun to cover our retreat, but really we were fighting all the time; we could not break contact. The defending Argentines were already proving costly in lives. This attack gave the impression of being larger than it actually was because of the involvement of light tanks.

Battle for Tumbledown Mountain - The diversionary attack along the Stanley track went in as planned by a small assault group led by the light tanks. Taken from the diary of Guardsman Tracy Evens During the battle, Guardsman Philip Williams was knocked unconscious by an explosion, and left for dead.

Fall of Tumbledown[ edit ] By 9: Seeing their company commander among the Argentinians inspired 14 and 15 Platoons to make the final dash across open ground to get within bayoneting distance of the marines. When the Fighting Is Over: Approximately — meters to front of the 1st and 2nd platoon were located.

This close-quarters night battle was later dramatized in the BBC film Tumbledown. The Royal Marines in Second Lieutenant Carl Bushby's 9 Troop protecting the landing zone successfully defended their position when the Argentine Marines under Davis launched a counter-attack, the last one of the ground campaign.

From then on we fought from crag to crag, rock to rock, taking out pockets of enemy and lone riflemen, all of whom resisted fiercely.

Battle for Mount Tumbledown

We started to run short of ammunition Major Jaimet later recalled: We were supposed to finish the attack and they would give us covering fire from Tumbledown Reaching its objective undetected, the company found the western end of the mountain undefended and occupied it easily, but later came under heavy shellfire that wounded Major Dalzel-Job in the head.

It was snowing and we were tired. In the second phase, Left Flank company would pass through the area taken by G company to capture the centre of the summit.

I heard the cries of the wounded calling for their comrades, twelve men wounded before nightfall. Overview[ edit ] On the night of 13—14 June the British launched an assault on Mount Tumbledown, one of the highest points near the town of Port Stanleythe capital, and succeeded in driving Argentinian forces from the mountain.

Robert Lawrence (British Army officer)

B Company, 6th Regiment was in reserve behind N Company. On the eastern half of the mountain the platoon of conscripts of La Madrid were still holding out, so Colonel Scott ordered Right Flank to push on to clear the final positions.

By a.m., the Scots Guards had gained the high ground east of Tumbledown Mountain and the Gurkhas commenced deploying across the heavily shelled saddle from Tumbledown south to Mount William, which they took with the loss of 13 wounded.

The 2nd Battalion Scots Guards had lost eight dead and 43 wounded. The British launched an assault on Tumbledown Mountain, one of the heights that dominated the town of Stanley, and succeeded in driving the Argentine forces from the mountain.

The attacking British force consisted of the 2nd Battalion, Scots Guards with mortar detachments from 42 Commando, Royal Marines and the 1/7th Duke of Edinburgh's Own. Second Battalion, Scots Guards were part of the second wave of British land forces committed to the Falklands War.

Lawrence wrote about his experience in the Scots Guards at the Battle of Mount Tumbledown when, in his moment of victory on the eastern slopes, he was almost killed when a bullet fired by an Argentine sniper tore off the side of his head.

scots guards on mount tumbledown june. 2nd Scots Guards, including GPMG's, LAW's, MAW's, Milans and 81mm mortars, and in support 4 Troop, The Blues and Royals with 2 Scorpions and 2 Scimitars, up to five bty's each of 6xmm artillery, mortars of 42 Cdo RM and 1/7th Gurkha Rifles, and frigate "Active" with 1xin (and 'Avenger', 1xin).

sitting on the mountain today. Three phases of attack had been planned to take Tumbledown. Robert was in Right Flank, the last of three waves to destroy the Argentine defences. Robert and his men came under artillery fire which lit up the cold night sky as clear as day.

Tracer fire went back and forth — red lines of bullets across the night sky.

The scots guards on tumbledown mountain
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Tumbledown Mountain, 2nd Scots Guards - Falklands War